Discover the Isle of Man with Loyalty Cards – Your Passport to Exceptional Experiences

Welcome to the Edelweiss, your charming retreat in the vibrant heart of Douglas, Isle of Man. In our commitment to making your stay truly unforgettable, we are delighted to introduce you to the loyalty card – your key to exploring the island's finest offerings, whilst supporting our local enterprises.

What is is much more than a mere loyalty card; it represents exclusive access to special deals and offers across the Isle of Man. Born from a passion to support and champion local businesses, it embodies the island's community ethos and commitment to excellence. As a holder of the card, you open the door to a range of possibilities, from delightful culinary experiences to captivating local attractions.


How to Purchase Your Loyalty Card

Acquiring your loyalty card is a straightforward process, offering flexibility to suit your preferences. For guests planning their visit to the Isle of Man, here's how you can get your card:

  1. Online Purchase: Visit to purchase your card. You can choose between a Visitor or an Annual card, depending on the length of your stay and needs.

    • Digital Card: Opt for the digital version for immediate download onto your smart device, offering convenience and eco-friendliness.
    • Physical Card: Prefer something tangible? You can also order a physical card online, either as a Visitor or Annual card, and have it delivered to your home address in advance of your stay.
  2. Purchase at The Edelweiss: Alternatively, we offer the loyalty cards right here at the Edelweiss reception. The Visitor card, valid for up to 14 days, is available for just £5, while the Annual card, valid for up to a year, can be purchased for £10.

Once you have your Loyalty card, simply present it at participating businesses to enjoy your discounts and offers. It's as easy as 'show and save'!

All the details of each business that accept the card and their up to date offers are on the website here:


Join Us in Celebrating the Local Community Your adventure in the Isle of Man is enriched with each local encounter. The loyalty card extends beyond mere savings; it’s a pledge to the community and an invitation to explore more deeply.  As you create lasting memories at the Edelweiss, let be an integral part of your narrative.

We are here to ensure your stay is extraordinary. Explore, save, and embrace local with and the Edelweiss.