At the Edelweiss Guest House, we are deeply committed to sustainable operations and recognise the significance of our business's impact on the environment.     Our mission is to conduct our operations in a way that ensures environmental sustainability.

Here are the steps we are taking to responsibly reduce our ecological footprint:


Environmental Awareness: 

We prioritise environmental considerations in our daily decision-making processes.


Team Engagement:

We raise awareness and encourage our team members to embrace sustainable business practices. Our staff actively participates in discussions to brainstorm and implement best practices.



We actively recycle paper, newspapers, cardboard, bottles, glass, batteries, fluorescent and long-life bulbs, cans, and cartridges.


Energy Efficiency:

We adhere to a strict 'switch off' policy, ensuring that we turn off TVs, computer equipment, and printers when not in use.

We use washing machines only when there is a full load, conserving water and energy.

To minimise our environmental impact, we reduce the use of harmful cleaning chemicals and prioritise eco-friendly alternatives.

We print double-sided to reduce paper consumption.

Hallway lights are equipped with movement sensors or timer switches for energy efficiency.

We exclusively use low-energy light bulbs.

Towels are changed only at guests' request, contributing to water conservation.

We offer en-suite showers instead of baths to conserve water.

We have replaced larger kettles with smaller ones to reduce water waste and energy consumption.

We continually monitor our gas, electricity, and water consumption.

We promote electronic communication to reduce paper usage.

Unnecessary lights and taps are diligently turned off.

We buy goods in bulk to reduce packaging waste.

Recycling is a fundamental practice for glass, plastic, papers, and tins.

Whenever possible, we source goods and services locally.

Hot drinks are exclusively sourced from sustainable and fairly traded sources.


Ongoing Initiatives:

We are actively working on enhancing our website with green travel information, such as local bicycle hire options.

Our commitment to reducing energy consumption by 10% includes implementing energy-efficient solutions like LED lighting and motion-activated lighting.

We are exploring partnerships with local community projects.

We continue to install water-saving devices in toilets to achieve a 10% reduction in water use.


Compliance and Continuous Improvement:

We steadfastly adhere to all relevant laws and regulations.

Our environmental policy is subject to regular review and improvement to maximize our positive impact.

At Edelweiss Guest House, we are dedicated to upholding our Green Policy without compromising the comfort, standards, and enjoyment of our valued guests.


We kindly seek the support of our guests in helping us achieve our environmental objectives by following these simple guidelines:

  • Remember to turn off lights when leaving the room.

  • Conserve water by turning off taps while cleaning your teeth.

  • Limit heating usage and switch it off when windows or doors are open to the outside.

  • Separate newspapers, cans, and bottles for recycling.

  • Embrace our towel and linen policy, aimed at providing a comfortable stay with responsible linen changes.

  • Additionally, if you have spare books in good condition that you no longer need, please feel free to leave them. We will gladly donate them to a local charity shop.

Your support is immensely appreciated in helping us achieve our environmental goals, and we welcome any suggestions you may have to further enhance the green performance of Edelweiss Guest House.  


Thank you for choosing Edelweiss Guest House for your stay.